Kimchi-Jjigae, Korean kimchi soup

1:06 AM Eily 3 Comments

Kimchi-Jjigae is one of my favorite food. Also, I like making.
And then, Let's make Kimchi-Jjigae!
The following photograph is listed in order.
First, fry Kimchi in the sesame oil.
And then, pour the water (33 fl oz) and boil more than 15 minutes.



While the water boils, cut the tofu and green onion.
 After 15 minutes, put the pork.
 and put the soy sauce 1T, sliced garlic 0.5T, chili powder 1T
then put the tofu and green onion.
then, keep boiling.
If you boil once again after boiling once and cooling, taste is better.
This is my recipe.
haha I'm a little shy lol
xx good night!


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